Many years in gathering and growing, The Healing Trees is now available to you.

By moving off-grid to a farm in the Wilno Hills of Eastern Ontario, Robbie Anderman left behind his former way of life, his allergy shots and pills, and the social supports that he was used to. He quickly discovered that he needed to learn how to live on the land that had become his home.

Running down to the drugstore or herb shop to buy a remedy for what ailed him was no longer an option. Surrounded by nature’s pharmacy, he began gathering his own herbs. Then came the long winter when the most commonly used herbs were no longer available. In a land so populated with Trees, it made sense to look to them for healing. Thus began a journey of forty-eight years during which Robbie researched, nibbled, sampled, and learned the lore of the Healing Trees.

The Healing Trees is the essential guidebook, organized in an easy-to-use manner that Robbie wishes he’d had as a resource when he first moved to the Wilno Hills.


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Hilltop High original painting surrounded by, clockwise from bottom left: Beth Kennedy, cover design, Kathy Haycock, cover art, Robbie Anderman, author, Hilkka, illustrations
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Rich in the knowledge and use of Northern forest species, Robbie Anderman has done the craft of forest first-aid a world of good by laying out systematically how to harvest, prepare and use these powerful medicines—in reverence and practice the book unfolds like a good story.

-Zach Loeks, The Permaculture Market Garden

The information in this book is important in itself, but it is the rich, warm tone that helps us connect with the Tree Nations.  The author has that connection and conveys it to us.  Nature is alive – yes.

– Matthew Wood MS (Herbal Medicine),  Registered Herbalist (American Herbalists Guild)

The Healing Trees is a little household gem for the northeastern woodlands of Canada and the United States.  It will be valued for the knowledge within its pages and will entice the reader to look much more closely at the natural world around us.”

-Diana Beresford-Kroeger, author of The Sweetness of a Simple Life

I am loving your book! Not only a wealth of information, but it has made my neighborhood come alive for me in new and beautiful ways. There is so much magic in not only walking among the trees, but knowing them and their gifts too…

-Ashley Moore

In The Healing Trees, Robbie has given us the tools to claim back something essential, that we lost long ago: a home. This book is the ABCs of Trees and, as such, should be in every schoolroom, household, and library of northeastern America, until the facts herein come to be known by heart. Long ago, in rural schools, they actually did teach some of these things, like how to identify Trees, as well as their historic and industrial uses. The fact that we don’t teach or know these things is to me a glaring act of negligence that betrays a deep prejudice toward nature.
We would do well to emulate the approach Robbie has taken to the Trees. While his writing contains scientific perspectives and many medicinal facts, this book is also down-to-earth and respectful–even reverential–toward its subject, the Trees.

–Steven Elliot Martyn, author of The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden, Co-creating Integrated Polyculture

I find your book most interesting as I am unfamiliar with the trees as emergency food, or healing partner in this way. As an herbalist the plants are obvious medicine. As a tree person, I have mostly just loved on trees by talking to them and photographing them and and considering them spiritual partners. I have yet to ask if our relationship might be broader and your book helped open that door, and a way to think about broadening that relationship. It helped shift my focus to other possibilities. And we have loads of all these same trees here, in suburban relationship with human, since we planted them! Ash, Elm, Maple, Oak, Linden, Larch, Aspen rather than Beech, Poplar…

-Ty Miller of Shen Ming, Acupuncture, Boulder, CO